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Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
following an incident in one of baltimore's most popular neighborhoods. it is crowned one of america's top neighborhoods just last month. the american planning association pointed out this stunning view of the inner harbor. now, there is stunning news. >> there had been another tv crew back there. there was a woman who stopped me and said oh, did you hear about what happened. i hadn't, so she said there was an incident this morning. >> jacqueline lives here and runs several times a week, often alone. >> i probably have to go to the gym more often and go outside less. >> city police say a woman in her 20s was out running when a man armed with a knife pulled her into a dark area and raped her. detectives aren't giving the exact location, just that it happened here. >> the good news is there was a lot of surveillance in that area. a lot of businesses, residents that have surveillance, so detectives have a lot of foot and to come through to possibly identify an attacker. >> the neighborhood association says after the details were posted online a picture of the man popped up with multiple comme
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
.com/sandy. >> what are the best jobs in america? cnn and money and pay came up with a list of the top one hundred jobs in the country based on pay satisfaction, stress level, benefits and flexibility. let's look at the top five, no. one, biomedical engineer, second place, market marketing consultant. software architect and data base administrator. no news reporter or journalist on there? . >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. hey, take a look thshgs is the kweshgs how will sandy ultimately rank along among u.s. power house storms as far as costly. right now it's a $55 5 (500) 000-0000 hit estimated but likely to go higher. katrina was 108 billion and if other are pailing in comparison to this -- pealing in comparison to this. we'll see what happens if sandy overtakes katrina. itis possible. some of the cost and damage in our area. this is a different camera angle. that is a brand new inlet similar to the inlet that was cut in ocean city back in the 1933 great chesapeake bay hurricane. this is route one in delaware, kind of an ominous looking sign and here's the work being done b
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
a changing america. we'll take a look at how blacks hispanics and single women tipped the scales. >> another powerful storm in the east coast. >> roaches and dirty conditions. abc2news reveals the worst pest problems in the baltimore malls. >>> they got to see their principal kiss a pig! >> i thought that it was the least that i could do to kiss the pig and i kissed it twice. >> you didn't. >> yes she did. the event raised more than $12,000. >>> we've all hurried through something only to find an embarrassing mistake. check this out. apparently the contractor laid down the wrong template. they were only paving a four lane highway. >> how embarrassing. >> make it even more confusing with those arrows. >> you wonder like they couldn't keep it straight? >> interesting. >> quick check out there. for your road in the morning wherever your road takes you, be prepared for a few slick spots because temperatures are going to be close to freezing tonight. a bit of rain and wet snow out there. just be careful in the morning. >>> all right. slick spots. >> could be some early. be sure to check out good
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
released a study called "the case for gun policy reform in america" that calls for gun restrictions to high risk groups, specifically, those under 21. >> the big focus should be on the community. what can we do to make guns less available to young people and criminals. >> the last two years of data show a significant decline in firearm-related suspensions, a trend that mirrors a national trend. he says to keep it going in that direction, the public must be involved. >> the police department responded to the perry hall shooting in part with a new gun lock give away. county police also implemented the use of metal detecting wands to be used as a school resource officers' discretion. we asked to see how it works in a post perry hall smoothing world but our request was denied. measures are in place to help prevent this. >> it affects us every day. particularly if you had an incident like that, so close to you, in a place where you thought you were always safe, it is incredibly traumatic, and i think some of the kids are going to need, probably need support and help for a while. >> safety redefi
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
america alert. now watch the left hand side of your screen. the major is already a super star. people are already catching on to his new ruck pack. >> good guy got plenty of pictures. major rob can beat the enemy, he can certainly talk on the sharks. you can order it online. >> z -- did you bring us any? check him out. >>> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> 47 degrees is the high on the day. i want to stack up the numbers. 57 is the normal. 56 will be normal. you get the idea. below average temperatures. and 40 on our way to dwi. temperatures held back today by not just that chilly air mass that came out of canada yesterday but also the additional cloud cover through the day. we captured some of that on our exclusive abc 2 weather bug network. clouds high and thin holding tough. no active weather with these. no precipitation but some high thin cloud covers courtesy of a system down to our south. look that the beautiful sun set at foxborough university. you talk about chilly. it's cold up in the maryland mountains. game day forecast for the mountains of pennsylvania, pittsburg
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5